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Sims can find crystals by digging up rocks which are scattered all around each neighborhood. To find crystals, explore and dig up these rocks which can also contain metals or other collectible objects, so you never know what you will find. When you find a crystal, it appears in your inventory. You can collect 20 different crystals.

To find Crystals you need to dig up Rocks.

Crystals are composed of elements, another item which you can collect. Once you have a Crystal in your inventory or Lot, you can click on it to call the Geo Council to find out what types of elements the crystal is composed of. Then send it to the Geo Council and for §20 they will separate the crystal into its elemental components. Now instead of a crystal, you have a new element for your collection.

Crystals can provide an Energizing emotional aura in a room so put them on display in your home and use them when you want your Sims to be Energized. Our picture above shows several Crystals on display. But remember... if you send a crystal off to be separated into elements, it’s gone from your inventory, never to be returned!

Image Name Contains Element: Value Rarity Description
Amethyst.png Amethyst §25 Uncommon Amethysts are purple colored quartz. From soft lilac to royal violet these purple shades are caused by iron impurities in the stone.
Diamond.png Diamond §25 Uncommon Often used in jewelry, these sparkling gems are some of the most valued in the world and are also the hardest known natural material!
Emerald.png Emerald §25 Common Emerald literally means green gem, and the gorgeous green color of emeralds are unparalleled! Having one will surely make others green with envy!
Hematite.png Hematite §25 Uncommon Even though Hematite has a black metallic luster on the outside, it has a dark blood red color on the inside.
Jonquilyst.png Jonquilyst Crytacoo
§25 Rare Jonquilyst is like a glittering drop of sunshine! Its bright, yellow color radiates cheerfulness.
Orange Topaz.png Orange Topaz Phozone
§25 Common Being relatively abundant and durable, Orange Topaz is a very popular gemstone! With its happy color, it can be a symbol Of friendship.
Peach.png Peach Alcineat
§25 Common This small stone is delicate in size with a demure, peachy-pink color. No wonder it is the embodiment of innocence.
Rainborz.png Rainborz §25 Rare Rainborz is a rare and unusual gemstone that is multi-colored, but predominantly red. And strangely, it is frequently found near rainbows!
Sapphire.png Sapphire §25 Common Bluer than the sky, Sapphire is a sight to behold! Known as the gem of truth, helped coin the phrase "true blue."
Simanite.png Simanite Ozinate
§25 Uncommon Simanite is one of the few stones with a true silver color. It has been used in everything from alchemy to utensil polishing.
Alabaster.png Alabaster §50 Common Alabaster is a milky white stone that is soft and smooth to the touch.
Citrine.png Citrine Ozinate
§50 Common Like delicious citrus fruits, Citrine colors range from pale

yellow to golden. Perhaps that color is why it's thought to bring success and prosperity!

Fire Opal.png Fire Opal §50 Uncommon These uncommon opals are generally found in volcanic rock formations and are prized for their shifting warm, fiery colors.
Jet .png Jet Wolfium
§50 Rare Because of its somber coloring Jet is commonly used in mourning jewelry, but it isn't commonly known that Jet is actually fossilized wood!
Plumbite.png Plumbite §50 Rare While Plumbites are found in varying shades from red to yellow to green, it's most popular hue is a deep, bright green.
Quartz.png Quartz Sydrolin
§50 Common Quartz was once believed to be ice crystals that would never melt, but now we know it's made of silicon-oxygen tetrahedral. Duh.
Rose.png Rose §50 Common Named for its pale pink color, Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and exudes a soothing sense of tranquility.
Ruby.png Ruby §50 Common Sought after for their brilliant red hues, rubies represent the

passion of love. Decorating your slippers with them do not allow you to teleport.

Shinolite.png Shinolite §50 Uncommon Shinolite is the shiniest stone of them all! Be careful looking at it as you might just get hypnotized by its gleaming Silver beauty.
Turqoise.png Turqoise §50 Common Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green stone that has been

prized for centuries, as many believe it brings protection and good fortune.