Space Rocks (Collectibles)

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Space rocks are found only in outer space so to collect them, you need a rocketship. As you are exploring space and going on adventures, you will occasionally find a space rock and bring it back home. You can put them on display or keep them in your inventory. You can also sell them, but then you don't get a lot for them compared to the effort to get them. There are only four different space rocks to collect.

Space rocks make great decor and add a lot to a positive environment for your Sims. Plus they just look cool. Maybe that unnaturally large space rock should go out into the yard though. As you can see from our picture above, it lives up to its name!

Image Name Value Rarity Description
Unnaturally Large Space Rock.png Unnaturally Large Space Rock §275 Rare This is an unnaturally large Space Rock. It is large enough to be an island. It can feel no pain. And it will never cry.
Common Space Rock.png Common Space Rock §95 Common This adorable little Space Rock often thrives best luxuriating in the light of a distant star. Or desk lamp.
Uncommon Space Rock.png Uncommon Space Rock §145 Uncommon The uncommon Space Rock. Often quiet, always misunderstood.
Large Space Rock.png Large Space Rock §200 Uncommon This larger than average Space Rock is prized for its stoic beauty in the face of calamity.