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Space prints are easy to collect and of all the collections probably take the least effort. First you need a backyard observatory. These cost §1,500 and require a large piece of space of your lot, but once you have one, you are ready to go.

The Backyard Observatory can make prints of what you see in space.
Just select Observe the Night Sky from the observatory menu and then just sit back and wait. You don't even have to wait until night time, you can scan the sky during the day too. Not only do you develop the Logic skill, after a while of looking as the cosmos, you may end up with a space print. There are 15 different prints you can collect, so just spend a lot of time looking at the sky to get them all.

The last few Rare prints can only be achieved by a special interaction, Seek The Truth, which is only available while in a Focussed mood. Once you have these prints, you can hang them on the walls of your home. They come already framed, as can be seen in our sample photo above.

Image Name Value Rarity Description
Rosie the Riveting.png Rosie the Riveting §125 Common Gasses such as helium and hydrogen pool together With interstellar dust to create this riveting, rose-colored nebula. Why ARE gasses and dust so attractive way out there in space? Here on earth, this helium balloon covered in dirt - well, it's just not the same.
Twinkle.png Twinkle §285 Uncommon Is it a rainbow? A cloud? Stars? You might want to sit down, because it's actually a rainbow-colored cloud filled with stars! If you do not enjoy the unbelievable union of

magic things in this painting, well then, sorry there's a cold hunk of Obsidian where your heart should be.

Saturn Return .png Saturn Return §290 Uncommon Hubba hubba! Check out this glamour shot portrait Saturn had done a few years back, when it went through a divorce and lost all that weight (who's the second largest planet NOW. Uranus?). The slight blue glow really brings out Its rings. Rumor has it that it's dating again and has recently attracted a sixty-third moon.
Standard Space.png Standard Space §130 Common Yup. Here's some space. Lookin space-like. It's got the stars. And the dark, gassy looking stuff. And some more stars. Hang it on a wall, to give that wall a real spacey feel.
End of Time.png End of Time §135 Common Oh, no! Someone just flushed the universe. Jiggle the handle! Jiggle the HANDLE!
T-Rex Nebula.png T-Rex Nebula §465 Rare It's silly for us as humans to project shapes we recognize onto the random, ever-changing patterns of the cosmos. That said, this nebula totally came together to resemble a T -Rex, right? (Not to be confused with T. Rex Nebula, star of children's sci-fi cartoons.)
Big Star.png Big Star §140 Common The comet is the prima donna of space. Look at it, trailing its beauty across the sky, taking up 75 percent of this entire painting. In fact, the artist was trying to capture a blank, night sky, and the comet totally photobombed that scene. What a diva!
Dream of Plesiosaur.png I Dream of Plesiosaur §215 Uncommon A cloud formation looks

deceptively like a wandering plesiosaurus, set against a stunning early-evening vista. What might the cloud plesiosaur be searching for? The gentle stratus doesn't answer, but floats on, unaware of its inevitable demise.

Out of This World Style.png Out of This World Style §105 Common Like cars, rockets come in different models. The sleek sports rocket. The SUV soccer mom rocket. And this - a reproduction of an ad for the

tricked out luxury sedan rocket. Its style is inversely proportional to its aerodynamic qualities. Get to the moon slower. And look good doing it!

Seeing Red.png Seeing Red §110 Common Mars is the red planet. The dirt is red. The air is red. Want to wear blue pants on Mars? Too bad! There are only RED pants on Mars. This painting shows the Mars sky, with its fiery red clouds. Beautiful to an Earthling. Martians, however, have coined the saying, "Let's

go out and paint the town green!"

Star Crossed Lovers.png Star Crossed Lovers §210 Uncommon This fantasy painting captures the mythical union of a crystal rock formation with a sizzling comet. Theirs was a love affair that defied gravity, physics and, well, probably several other laws. No one thought it would last. In fact, it didn't. But at least it burned out, before it faded away.
Animal's Planet.png Animal's Planet §115 Common In the X57 region Of the 1245P-Brock galaxy, there is a planet populated entirely by giant hamsters. Here, two monster-sized hamster balls glisten in the sun, awaiting the return of their fuzzy inhabitants, who are busy running on a Ferris wheel (not pictured).
Cloudy Vision.png Cloudy Vision §265 Uncommon In space, cloudy days trump sunny ones. That's because the clouds are made of green glitter! The sun, on the other hand is made of fire and radiation. Before visiting space, definitely check the space-weather forecast. Or Just stay home and marvel at this painting.
Surfacing.png Surfacing §475 Rare Just imagine this strange world as it would 100k viewed by an alien returning to its home planet. Oh the longing in that alien's five heart chambers, the tears in its 22 eyes. Back on the surface, it Will no longer be "alien.' It Will visit its neighborhood bar, where everyone knows its name: "XF2&23%tY."
Battle Stars.png Battle Stars §495 Rare Since ancient times, we have scanned the night sky for signs of things to come. This star-spangled horizon contains countless constellations. each of which can be read for information about the future. (The small U.F.O.S under the stars. for example, can be read as a sign of imminent attack.)