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Postcards are a great collectible. The way to find them is is not immediately obvious and not documented in game at all, so let us show you how.... First off, you need to have a computer. While using the computer, from the socialize category, choose Find a Pen Pal. Wait a few hours and then come back to check for pen pal replies. You will then find out where your pen pal lives. Now you have the option under the socialize category to write a letter. You can select the town of the pen pal and send them a letter. After sending a pen pal a couple letters, you can then ask for a postcard from the city where your pen pal lives. There are 15 different cities. Get pen pals in each and ask them to send you postcards for your collection.

Once you get your Postcards you can pin them on the "Bunchapals Postcard Chalkboard" and display in your home. If you collect all 15 you receive a Pen Pals Award which you can also display. You can see these above the desk in the image above.

Below is a table of all available Postcards.

Image Place Value Rarity Description
RiverviewPostcard.png Riverview §10 Common Gone Fishin' in Riverview! Havin' a Reel Good Time!
LittlehavenPostcard.png Littlehaven §10 Common Having a lovely holiday in Littlehaven. Wish you were here!
Lucky PalmsPostcard.png Lucky Palms §10 Common What Happens in Lucky Pals, Stays in Lucky Palms!
Moonlight FallsPostcard.png Moonlight Falls §25 Common Moonlight Falls, home of all things Magical & Supernatural!
Barnacle BayPostcard.png Barnacle Bay §25 Uncommon Ahoy! There be a fine breeze 'n plenty 'o plunder here in Barnacle Bay!
Champs Les SimsPostcard.png Champs Les Sims §25 Uncommon Bonjour! Enjoying fine juice and frog legs in Champs Les Sims!
Dragon ValleyPostcard.png Dragon Valley §25 Rare Huzzah! Come tarry a while in a Dragon Valley. Here be Dragons!
Sunset ValleyPostcard.png Sunset Valley §40 Common Admiring the skies of Sunset Valley, where it all began!
TwinbrookPostcard.png Twinbrook §40 Common Thinking of you from Twinbrook, where style is invented!
BridgeportPostcard.png Bridgeport §40 Common Touring the bright lights of Bridgeport!
Appaloosa PlainsPostcard.png Appaloosa Plains §40 Common Horsin around with furry friends! Come visit Appaloosa Plains!
Lunar LakesPostcard.png Lunar Lakes §40 Uncommon Come experience Lunar Lakes! A place like nowhere else!
Midnight HollowPostcard.png Midnight Hollow §40 Uncommon Eerie Greetings from Midnight Hollow, a Uniquely Eccentric Town.
Isla ParadisoPostcard.png Isla Paradiso §40 Rare Fun in the Sun & Under the Sea! Relaxing at tropical Isla Paradiso!