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Do your sims have the vision and dedication that it takes to become a Painter Extraordinaire?

The painting skill is a great way for sims to spend time earning extra simoleans, and to add some personalized décor to their homes! Paintings come in many styles and sizes, but only the most dedicated will be able to become a master of them all!

The main method of improving the Painting skill is by, well, painting! The basic easel can be found under Buy Mode > Sort by Function > Activities and Skills > Creative for §350. As sims improve this skill, they will be able to create higher quality, more valuable paintings. There are even paintings to help influence your sims moods!

Painting Skill Unlocks

Level Rewards
1 - Start off painting “Classic Paintings.”
2 - “Discuss Color Theory” interaction with other sims to give “inspired” mood.
3 - Low skill “Pop Art” is possible.
4 - Low skill “Abstract” paintings.
- Low skill “Realism” paintings are possible.
- “Classic” paintings upgraded to Medium skill.
5 - Low skill “Impressionistic” paintings.
- Low skill “Surrealism” paintings.
- “Pop Art” paintings upgraded to Medium skill.
6 - “Classic” paintings upgraded to High skill.
- “Realism” upgraded to Medium Skill.
- “Abstract” upgraded to Medium skill.
7 - “Pop Art” upgraded to High skill.
- “Surrealism” upgraded to Medium Skill.
- “Impressionistic” upgraded to Medium skill.
8 - “Realism” upgraded to High skill.
- “Abstract” upgraded to High skill.
- “Describe Aesthetics” interaction with other sims.
9 - “Surrealism” upgraded to High skill.
- “Impressionistic” upgraded to High skill.
10 - “Masterpiece” paintings more common.
- Mentor other sims in Painting.

Did you know?

When sims are feeling a certain mood, they can create a "Mood Painting" (regardless of skill) with an aura that can be toggled on and off to help put sims back into whatever that particular mood is!

Alternative Metohds

Alternative methods of developing the painting skill include reading books – of which there are three:

Title Price
Painting Volume 1: The Fundamentals Of Painting §75
Painting Volume 2: The History Of Painting §150
Painting Volume 3: The Painting Of Painting §250


Let's get Painting!

Having a sim with the Creative Aspiration "Painter Extrodinaire" is a good match for having a sim working in the Painting career. Buying the "Marketable" reward for 1,500 satisfaction points helps to make your sims' paintings more valuble, while the "Creative Visionary" (2,000 satisfaction points) will also make your sims' have a higher chance of creating higher-quality paintings.

Paintings come in three sizes: small (§50), medium (§75), and large (§100). All three canvas sizes should return a profit, so don't be afraid to paint "large" pictures if your sims' don't have a lot of simoleans at the start. Smaller paintings will be faster to finish than larger paintings, but larger paintings are ultimately worth more.


Did you know?

Being in the Painter career unlocks the ability to send paintings to the “Gallery” instead of a random “Collector” – meaning your sims will earn 20% more for regular paintings, and 50% more for masterpieces. There are also three extra higher-skill easels for your sims to use!

After You've Finished Painting

Paintings, once finished, can be placed around your sims' house, they can be framed, admired, named, or sold to either a collector or a gallery. Framing a canvas does not make it worth more.

Admiring a painting can give your sim the "inspired" mood, which will boost your sims painting ability. Producing a high-quality painting (or several in a row) can then give your sim the "confident" or "very confident" mood.

Creative Art Thou Activity Table


Starting from a much younger age, Children can access the "Creative Art Thou Activity Table" to increase their creativity skill. You have to pay for the supplies every time the table is used (much like buying a canvas for adults) and the resulting drawings can be hung up, just as paintings can. Cost: §300