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Metals are found directly in the ground by digging up rocks. They can be displayed around the home and add a Confident emotional aura to the environment, as seen in the image above. Because they contain elements, you can call the Geo Council to find out which elements make up each metal, then pay §20 and send them to the Geo Council to have those Elements extracted for you. These Elements are also collectible (check out or Elements page for the details).

There are 20 different metals to collect, as outlined in the table below.

Image Name Contains Element: Value Rarity Description
Crytunium.png Crytunium §65 Uncommon Crytunium is highly brittle; making it frustratingly hard to work with as it breaks apart easily and is not commonly found.
Furium.png Furium Oxypin
§65 Rare Furium is highly reactive and flammable compared to other metals. It is prone to outbursts and tarnishes easily.
Heavy Metal.png Heavy Metal Phozone
§65 Common Heavy Metal like brass is the metal of choice for musical instruments because of its malleability and acoustic properties.
Ironyum.png Ironyum Wolfium
§65 Uncommon Ironyum is a metal not many understand as it often reacts in the opposite manner of what you would expect.
Ozinold.png Ozinold §65 Common Ozinold is a dense, heavy metal accidentally discovered

by Harold Ozinold and subsequently named after him due to their similar characteristics.

Romantium.png Romantium §65 Rare Romantium is a blush-colored metal that is highly reactive chemically; you might even consider It one of the most amorous metals.
Sadnum.png Sadnum §65 Rare Sadnum is a soft, malleable metal that is typically found in a blue state and is as rare as a unicorn's tear.
Simtanium.png Simtanium Selium
§65 Uncommon Simtanium has a shiny, reflective green appearance and is highly conductive so it is used in the production of computer parts like circuit boards.
Ultranium.png Ultranium §65 Common Utranium is a metal with a low melting point that was once used as a pigment to dye almost everything purple!
Alcron.png Alcron Sydrolin
§30 Common Alcron is a highly abundant silvery, ductile metal which means it doesn't crack or break under stress as easily!
Baconite.png Baconite §30 Common Baconite is a soft, red colored metal that oddly has a faint smell of juicy, delicious cured pork.
Death Metal.png Death Metal Plathium
§30 Uncommon Death Metal is remarkably resistant to corrosion and is speculated to be the material used in the Grim Reaper's scythe.
Flamingonium.png Flamingonium Melacoo
§30 Uncommon Flamingonium is a startling shade of pink and is the go-to metal for creating shiny lawn ornaments.
Literalite.png Literalite §30 Rare Literalite is a hard-to-find purple metal that little is known about, and currently its properties are taken at face value.
Obtanium.png Obtanium §30 Common Obtainium is pale white in color and is also one of the

most abundant metals so it is relatively easy to obtain.

Phozonite.png Phozonite §30 Phozonite Phozonite is a yellow-tinted metal that has good electrical and thermal conductivity, but is famous for its unique atom arrangements.
Punium.png Punium Oxypin §30 Common Punium is a metal bust like any other, but it is habitually overlooked and no one takes it seriously. Perhaps because Of its name?
Pyrite.png Pyrite Phozone
§30 Common Pyrite has a metallic sheen and brassy-yellow color, but you'd

have to be a fool to mistake this for real gold!

Socialite.png Socialite Peryllium
§30 Uncommon Socialite is a precious metal that is highly sought after to make attractive and extremely valuable jewelry.
Plathinum.png Plathinum §65 Common