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Do you have what it takes? Plants and flowers can flourish and yield fruits, but it will take a lot of time and effort before it will get that far. It will also take a lot of gardening skills.

This skill will develop by working with plants, seeds and planter boxes. By developing this skill Sims will be more efficient while gardening and on top of that they can unlock new gardening interactions and social skills.

Level Rewards
1 - Plant, Water, Weed, and Harvest.
2 - Move one step closer to becoming the ultimate gardener.
3 - Research Gardening at a computer.
4 - Talk to Plants to fulfill the Social need.
5 - Fertilize plants.
6 - Other Sims might Compliment your Garden.
7 - Take Cutting and Graft to create hybrid plants and have a Green Thumb.
8 - Overgrow pruned Bonsai Trees to re-shape them.
9 - Continue to improve Gardening mastery.
10 - Mentor other Sims in Gardening.

The Gardening skill is not needed for any of the careers, it's almost a career in itself. It is related to collecting though as you can harvest 31 different plants to add to your collection. To start this skill, you can read a book about gardening (in the library) or purchase some seeds either from a computer or by clicking on a planter box. The seeds show up in your inventory were you can open them, this will unfold the contents and then you see which seeds you have. Then drag them from your inventory onto the planter box. Now click on the seeds and tell your Sims to plant them. Some can also be planted straight into the ground.


After planting the seeds, and the plants start to grow, you will notice more options when you click the plant so that your Sim can take care of them. This helps to develop the skill. As your level will raise in Gardening, you will gain new interactions. In the first few levels, you can water, weed, and harvest plants. After that, when your level increases you can talk to plants and fertilize plants. Eventually you can splice and graft plants to create new ones by combining parts of different plants.

When the time comes for you to harvest the plants, you can use some of these products as ingredients in cooking your meals. You can also sell what you produce for a little extra money. If you purchase a bonsai plant and put it inside your home, you can develop the Gardening skill by shaping it. As your Gardening skill increases, you can do more advanced designs.

It's also possible to find some interesting seeds in outer space or while collecting things such as the Cowplant. Just don't eat the cake... it's a trap!


When your Sims retire, gardening can be a great hobby. Buy several planter boxes and plant all sorts of seeds. Taking care of lots of plants will almost feel like a full time job.