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The gardening collection is directly related to the gardening skill. With 31 plants to collect, this is the largest collection of all. To collect the gardening specimens for your collection, you only need to find or harvest the plants to add them to the collection. You do not have to grow all of the plants yourself. Sims can get some plants just by exploring their neighborhoods and communities. However, others are more difficult to find. One specimen only come from other planets, so you will need a rocketship to explore space to find it. You can create others by splicing and grafting parts of different plants together to create new plants. Doing this requires a high level of Gardening skill.

You can start off by growing basic, common plants by purchasing seed packs from the computer. This will allow you to build your gardening skill to unlock further plants. More details about growing, fertilizing and harvesting can be found on the Gardening_Skill page on this wiki.

Image Name Value Rarity Description
Apple.png Apple §3 Common Characterized by that distinctive snap-hiss, bites from an apple are likely to have Sims feeling full and refreshed.
Basil.png Basil §1 Common Once known for its ability to ease pain from a scorpion-sting. this leafy herb now decorates elaborate meals.
Bird of Paradise.png Bird of Paradise §4 Rare
Blackberry.png Blackberry §11 Rare An aggregate fruit, known for its tangy bite and smooth aftertaste. Great for pies!
Blue Bells.png Blue Bells §4 Common A cluster of small blue blossoms.
Carrot.png Carrot §2 Common
Cherry.png Cherry §3 Uncommon A pair of small, red fruit with pits.
Chrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum §4 Common A beautiful flower that can be grown in the garden.
Cowplant Berry.png Cowplant Berry §20 Rare A plantable, strangely bovine fruit.
Daisy.png Daisy §1 Common A common bright flower of yellow and white.
Dragonfruit.png Dragonfruit §16 Rare
Grapes.png Grapes §7 Grapes Sims love popping these in their mouth like crisp, juicy chocolates.
Lemon.png Lemon §3 Common A sour citrus fruit.
Lily.png Lily §4 Uncommon A large, vibrant blossom.
Mushroom.png Mushroom §1 Common An earthy, edible fungus.
Onion.png Onion §3 Uncommon A fragrant and tangy root vegetable.
Orchid.png Orchid §5 Rare A colorful, exotic bloom.
Parsley.png Parsley §2 Common A delicate, minty herb leaf.
Pear.png Pear §3 Uncommon A crisp and fleshy fruit with a distinctive bell shape.
Plantain §3 Uncommon The plantain is a crop from the genus Musa. Its fruits are edible, and are generally used for cooking.
Pomegranate.png Pomegranate §4 Rare A rare, red skinned fruit with tart, edible seeds.
Potato.png Potato §2 Uncommon A starchy, delicious underground tuber. The humble potato is often misidentified as a root.
RosePlant.png Rose §4 Uncommon A blossom of beautiful color and lovely aroma.
Sage.png Sage §2 Common A musky, purple herb leaf.
Snapdragon.png Snapdragon §4 Common A collection of small, vivid blossoms.
Spinach.png Spinach §1 Common A vitamin rich, dark green vegetable leaf.
Strawberry.png Strawberry §2 Uncommon A small, sweet fruit with red seed-covered skin.
Tomato.png Tomato §3 Uncommon A juicy, red skinned fruit, often mistaken for a vegetable,
Trash Fruit.png Trash Fruit §1 Rare A foul-smelling blossom inexplicably composed entirely of refuse.
Tulip.png Tulip §4 Uncommon A plump bloom that rows even after picking, with delicately pointed petals around a cluster of stigma.
UFO.png UFO (Unidentified Fruit Object) §24 Rare Strange space fruit.
Unknownplant.png Unknown §? Rare