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Hook, line, and sinker! Are your sims ready to spend some time in the great outdoors?

Fishing is a great skill that allows your sims to relax and have fun, but to also catch some food, and to make some money at the same time!

The first step into going fishing is to actually find a fishing spot. There are several in both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, designated by this sign (and the tell-tale splashing in the water!)


Some such spots include:

Location World
Lake behind "The Futures Past" Museum Oasis Springs
Lake behind the Caliente Household Oasis Springs
Pond in the "Desert Bloom" Park ^ Oasis Springs
Steam behind "Nookstone" Oasis Springs
Canal behind "Streamlet Single" Willow Creek
River behind "Hallow Slough" Willow Creek
Canal behind "Riverside Roost" Willow Creek
Canal behind "Rindle Rose" Willow Creek
Canal behind "Potters Splay Willow Creek
Lake behind "Municipal Muses" Willow Creek
Pond in the "Magnolia Blossom" Park ^ Willow Creek

^Note that these two fishing spots are the entire pond, as an object, rather than a specific "spot".

Fishing Skill Unlocks

Level Rewards
1 - Start off fishing, mount fish, or put them in bowls. Includes minnows, perch, tetra.
2 - Catch bass, trout, trout, and koi.
3 - Begin "Bait Fishing." Not all objects work as bait, and some work better than others.
4 - Catfish and tilapia.
5 - "Examine Water" interaction to determine which bait will work best at a particular spot.
6 - Rainbow fish.
7 - Catch "mystery" fish that lurks in the depth of each fishing spot.
8 -
9 - Able to catch all fish.
10 -

Did you know?

Sims can catch other items besides just fish! Upgrade parts are common, and even garden fruits/vegatables can be caught.

Alternative Methods

Alternative methods of developing the fishing skill include reading books – of which there are three:

Title Price
Fishing Volume 1: Getting Hooked §75
Fishing Volume 2: Tackles And Techniques §150
Fishing Volume 3: See The Fish, Be The Fish §250

Cast away!

All that's needed to start fishing is to send your sim to one of the above locations. Every sim automatically has a fishing pole (it's a hidden object, you won't see it in their inventory) and can begin fishing without bait.

Fishing with bait increases your chance of cashing fish, and depending on the bait, can affect the type of fish that you catch.

As fish are caught, they are immediately automatically placed into your sims inventory, where they wait to be used, eaten, or sold. Multiple fish of the same type will be placed into a stack, and the stack can be opened to view each individual fish.

Fish have a "freshness" level - "Fresh," "Average," or "Foul." Fish will be caught with either "fresh" or "average," but will quickly become "foul" if left sitting.

Be careful!

"Fresh" fish sell for a higher profit than "Foul" fish! If planning on selling fish, do so immediately before they lose their value.

Misc. Information

  • Sims will not stop fishing just because they are "uncomfortable." Depending on how far away from facilities you have your sim fishing at, you should keep an eye on them to ensure their needs don't get too low.
  • If you are having one single sim out fishing, the Loner trait can be handy to offset the lack of social interaction. (There is also the "Independent" satisfaction reward.)
  • The "Loves Outdoors" trait is a good one to have, as sims who do a significant amount of fishing will be spending a large amount of time outside.
  • Fish can be used in recipes (such as adding any fish to make "Fish Tacos") or can be a recipe by themselves. ("Grilled Tilapia", for example.)
  • Fish can be used as bait to catch more fish, or can also be put to use as garden fertilizer.