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There are 22 different fish to collect and this collection is directly related to the Fishing skill, which you can learn nore about on our Fishing_Skill page. To catch all of the 22 fish for the collection, your Sims will need to develop their Fishing skill. In addition, some fish can only be caught with certain bait. While there are lots of fishing spots (almost every neighborhood as more than one), not all spots are equal.

Fish the common spots first until you develop the Fishing skill more. Some contain only Common fish. Others have both Uncommon and Common, and finally there are those special spots that contain Rare fish, along with the others as well, but Sims must have enough skill to fish at those special spots or they won't have any success at all.

Once you catch fish you can Mount them onto frames to display in your homes or keep them alive and put them into a fish bowl where you get to name and then admire your fish as it swims around, as seen into the picture above.

Image Name Fishing Skill Minimum Value Rarity Description
Angelfish.png Angelfish §7 Uncommon A lovely small fish, perfect for showing off and keeping other fish on their best behavior.
Anglerfish.png Anglerfish §35 Rare A sneaky predator fish that lures prey into its mouth with a small, glowing tentacle like growth on its head.
Bass.png Bass 3 §16 Common A Perch by another name. Nice sound dynamics though.
Batfish.png Batfish 7 §20 Rare The batfish doesn't sleep upside-down, but it has nice, leathery wings to make up for
Betta.png Betta §6 Uncommon A very small and hard fish, that's betta than most!
Catfish.png Catfish 4 §22 Uncommon Unlike a domestic cat, this fish uses its whiskers to taste its surroundings. Like thin little tongues.
Goldfish.png Goldfish §5 Common A small member of the carp family known to frequent both fishbowls and toilet bowls.
Guppy.png Guppy §5 Common A small, bright tropical fish. (Not only bright as in colorful, they're also pretty smart.)
Kissing Gourami.png Kissing Gourami §8 Uncommon Don't kiss these lips: perch have sharp rows of teeth lining their mouth.
Koi.png Koi 3 §11 Common Koi is actually a shortening of nishikigoi meaning"brocaded carp". A pretty name for a pretty fish.
Minnow.png Minnow §5 Common A fish so small, it's best used to catch other fish.
Perch.png Perch §7 Common A small spiny fish typically found in rivers and lakes.
Pirahna.png Pirahna §9 Rare
Rainbowfish.png Rainbowfish 6 §16 Rare
Red-Tailed Black Shark.png Red-Tailed Black Shark §8 Rare A small fish With a big name. Also known as a redtail sharkminnow.
Salmon.png Salmon §77 Common A good sized fish known in Celtic mythology as a symbol of wisdom. Also known for being delicious.
Sturgeon.png Sturgeon 114 Rare Sturgeon are large fish sometimes called living fossils. Luckily, they aren't offended.
Tetra.png Tetra §5 Common A small freshwater fish with a compressed, shiny body and distinctive fins.
Tilapia.png Tilapia 4 §20 Uncommon
Treefish.png Treefish 7 §25 Rare Shhh... can you hear their singing? NO? Well, even magical treefish have limits.
Trout.png Trout 3 §18 Common It might look a little bit like salmon, but no doubt it's trout.
Wolf Eel.png Wolf Eel §83 Uncommon This bottom feeding eel-like fish is known its hard-shell eating teeth. Scared? They're actually quite friendly.