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Anyone can cook, but Sims who are indulgent will profit from some extra time and attention in the kitchen.

The cooking skill is important for all Sims to develop some of it at least. This skill will start to develop as soon as you click on a stove or refrigerator and choose to prepare a meal. All Sims begin with a few basic recipes. As Sims improve their skill level, they unlock additional recipes, which are more complex and can provide better moodlets to the Sims who eat them.

The cooking skill will mainly progress by using the fridge, the stove and the counter. When Sims improve this skill they will unlock new tricks, moods and recipes, as outlined below.

Cooking Skill Unlocks

Level Rewards
1 - Prepare delicious, straightforward classics.
2 - Recipes for Eggs and Toast, BLT, Chips and Salsa, and Fish Tacos;
- Learn a new 'Combo Add' trick move.
3 - Recipes for Pan Fried Tilapia, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Pancakes
- Talk about Cooking with other Sims.
4 - Recipes for Spaghetti and Strawberry Cake.
5 - Recipes for French Toast and Fish and Chips
- Unlock the Gourmet Cooking Skill
- Receive the Competent Cook Moodlet when cooking.
6 - Recipes for Blue Confetti Cake and Chili
- Learn new trick moves.
7 - Recipes for Blackened Bass and Omelet.
8 - Recipe for Apple Pie
- Flavorize a meal to make it higher quality.
9 - Recipes for Chicken Stir Fry and Cioppino
- Give Cooking Tips to other Sims.
10 - Recipes for Roast Chicken and Tuna Casserole.

Developing Your Cooking Skill

Your Sims can develop their Cooking skill by reading cooking books (go to the library for this), preparing meals, and watching the cooking channel on the TV. Additional to preparing better meals when to improve this skill, they can also use cooking-related socials in conversations with other Sims and make better and more nutritious foods. Better appliances also give a higher quality of food.

It's a good idea to get your Sims cooking skill level up to at least 3 or 4, You can achieve this by simply preparing a meal every day (or 2) and having them watch the cooking channel whenever they watch TV. If you choose to prepare a meal, you can choose between an single serving, a family size (for four people), or a party size (for eight people).



If you have fresh ingredients in your inventory - that you can harvest from plants - you can choose to use them in your recipes (you can untick the option to use fresh ingredients in the recipes menu). When using fresh ingredients the costs of your meal will be lower, but uses up those ingredients.

Plus, when you use fresh ingredients, it provides a Happy moodlet to the Sims who eat it and the meal has a larger chance of being of higher quality. If you want to use the fresh ingredients, and plan to prepare a lot of meals, it would be wise to also develop gardening as a skill use along with Cooking (or someone in the same household)

Did you know

When you get to level 5 of the Cooking skill, you automatically unlock level 1 of the Gourmet Cooking skill. This lets you cook gourmet meals and adds to the recipes you can prepare.